Witcher 3 Master of the Arena: Quest’s passage

The journey of the Witcher 3 Master of the Arena comes with quite an amusing battle in which a lot of players are failed. The mission is pretty simple with an exciting story. However, you should learn how to defeat the ghost since the typical fight is not a key here.

Witcher 3 Master of the Arena

The ghost’s history

That is the Witcher 3 Master of the Arena quest; the journey did not look complex. It is essential to research the old days of your foe. Right after a combatant called Ulle failed all combat in this location and not ever lost to defeat a foe. This brought rise to furious in him, and when one jarl simply carries him to the ground, he hit an ax behind him. Before his death, the men cuss Ulla and told that his loss would be forever beaten up even after losing. So it took place that the demon of the inept soldier stayed after death in the battleground. Each time he is beaten, but the following day he will come back, and it is just like an endless story. Given that you put an attempt to attack him, the player will pay attention that it will not hard to win; only this will not support to get the task done. The ghost will come back the following day and you have to begin a new battle all over again.

The ghost’s history

Start of task

To begin in the Witcher 3 Master of the Arena trip, each player should head to the island of Spikerog, which is placed north-west of Skellig. Then head straight to the Far East until you got to the village of Hove. Here the agents of the battling arena will tell about the indestructible ghost, which instantly comes back after another loss and does not keep it away. Anybody who is able to detach their freedom is labeled to a double rate and prize after the opening of the battle. The provisions are engaging, with just a fight ahead.

This level 14 mission is valid in Spikerog. Head to the battle arena in the northwest of the aisle and speak to the soldiers on the path to know about the spirit of a failed warrior who is roaming around the arena even when he is dead. This ghost who named Ulle the unfortunately is cursed to always be knocked down. Encounter him and destroy him to learn about his plight. Then leave for 24 hours to meet him and fight him again.

Actually, to defeat him, the player has to lose the fight. However, you ought not to die. You can either block his hits or only easily allow him to beat you until you are dying and the end array of the mission will be shot.

Start of task

Right after his curses is demolished; go back to the masters of arena. They will ensure to share a part of their achievements with you. Spend some of your time there. You are able to let the mission sit while you discover more or only simply make a couple of quick-traveling or meditating to distract yourself at the time you are waiting. It is simple to know whether enough time has gone as the mission marker will be seen on the map once again. Return to the warriors to get paid and the mission will be marked finished.

Achieving results

To get the passage The Witcher 3 Master of the Arena done, you have to pass away this ghost. The cuss says that he must always fail. However, in the case that he wins, he will be able to quietly go into the world of the death and the spirit will catch sights of the demanded peace. Thus, go into the battlefield and only wait until the rival strikes. At a flat level of health, Geralt will begin a splash with the unseen of the soul of Ulle, and then go after to the agents for a worthy reward. Remember that the passage also brings an extra reward. In a couple of days, return that place and you will be offered a percentage of the similar agent. You are able to realize that their job has developed and there are many people on the court that are looking at the dramatic fights of two enemies.