Overwatch players earn Play of the Game from killing Omnic robot gondoliers

Overwatch is set in the near future and takes place in the midst of a battle between two forces: the Overwatch Security Guard Earth and two Talon-Junkers terrorist organizations fighting to gain control of the entire world.

With the main structure of the game being that of a 6 vs 6 third person shooter, the player’s objective will constantly change from escorting/transporting in the Payload mode to occupying a location in Capture mode.

Unlike most other shooter games, Overwatch inherits from the MOBA genre with four character classes with each playing specific roles such as attacking, defending, tanking and supporting with completely unique skill and weapon systems. However, even so, NSX Blizzard still gives players a completely dynamic fighting style as all of the characters can take on both defensive and offensive roles effectively, depending on the play style of each person. That in turn keeps the game experience always fresh with continuously changing match progression, making it not as boring as other traditional shooters.

Killing robot gondoliers

Venice, the beautiful canal city had recently been added to Overwatch in the form of a new Escort map called Rialto. Similar to Venice in the real world, the canals in Rialto are filled with gondolas that are piloted by striped-shirted gondoliers, though in the case of Rialto, all of the gondoliers are Omnics—the sentient robots within Overwatch.

However, there is something wrong happening in Rialto. Due to some sort of glitch, killing an Omnic gondolier here seems to invisibly count as elimination kill. As such, players started killing multiple Omnic gondoliers which makes the game award Play of the Game honors to those heartless ro-boatman murderers.

The good news is that it seems to be a guaranteed way to get a Play of the Game honor as Ana, the sniper-healer hero who almost never wins said honor otherwise. But is it honestly worth it? Think of the Omnic robots.