The 10 best zombie games that you shouldn’t ignore

Zombie games is an interesting game type which is loved by the players from around the world. If you are also a fan of this type of game, the 10 best zombie games which I’ll tell you right now are the games that you will feel a pity if ignore. Now, let’s explore these games together and experience them!

1. Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies is one of the most popular zombie games in the world which was developed and published by PopCap Games. With an excellent graphics and interesting content, this game rapidly became one of the most favorite games of many people. In this game, your mission is to defeat all the zombies that are trying to get in your house. There will be many types of plant to help you defeat these zombies and you have to unlock all of them to use. There are 4 modes and a lot of levels for you to conquer; and if you are a fan of zombie game, I am sure you that it is a pity if you ignore this game.

2. Zombie Catchers

The second zombie game which you can’t ignore is Zombie Catchers. This is an action game that requires the bravery of the players. This game is a mysterious world which is invaded and damaged by zombies. Fortunately, there are two intergalactic businessmen decided to open a shop on this planet and they plan to capture, destroy the zombies and return peace to Earth; and of course, they will earn a great profit. Your main mission in this game is to use the weapons and traps to catch the zombies, take them down to the ground lab and then processing them. With many levels as well as extremely attractive features, the players can be attracted for the first time playing this game.

3. Earn to die

Earn to die is an interesting zombie game with good graphics and simple game-play. In this game, you will play as a man who has to pass all the dangers and get in the helicopter to escape an area with thousands of zombies. You will have a car and your mission is to drive the car, pass all the treacherous terrain, crash the zombies to get into your helicopter and escape safely. On the way to escape, you will earn money and you also can use this money to purchase the better car or upgrade the parts of your car.

4. Stupid Zombies

Stupid Zombies is also an interesting zombie game with beautiful graphics that you might feel a pity if ignored. As the same main storyline as many other zombie games, in this game, you will play as a hero – the last hope of mankind, against and defeat all the stupid zombies with a gun and a certain amount of bullets. The number of bullets is limited so you will have to shoot accurate enough to kill all the zombies before the bullets run out.

5. The walking dead

It will be a grave sin if don’t list The Walking Dead in top 10 zombie games of all time. In this game, you will play as Lee Everett – a convicted murderer. Different from other zombie games which always require the players to kill the zombies, in this game, the players will understand what a post-apocalyptic life is – where law and morals are nonsense. All the thing that the players say and do in this game will be remembered and affect the other characters in the game as well as reflect on themselves. With the beautiful graphics and the dubbed voice which is invested very carefully, the walking death ensures that during the game experience, players will feel as if they are embodied in characters with many other emotions.


6. Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami is an interesting and different zombie game. As you know, in many other zombie games, the player will play as a human who has to escape or rescue the planet. However, in zombie tsunami, you will play as a zombie. Your mission in this game is to run as far as possible, collect all the gold coins and eat as many humans as possible. With so cute graphics and interesting game-play, Zombie Tsunami is one of the best zombie games that you shouldn’t ignore.

7. Dead target: Zombie

The first impression that Dead Target zombie brings to the player is that the game’s image is extremely familiar with our real world. Moreover, the game-play is very unique. In this game, you will stand still instead of run like other zombie games, and which is an interesting challenge of the game. And all those things make this game become one of the best zombie games in the world.

8. Into the Dead

Into the Dead is a game own the storyline from the Zombie theme which is a pity if ignored. The game will take you to a world almost without a trace of human life where only has you and the bloodthirsty Zombies around. In order to survive, you need to take everything that can be the weapon and ready to attack and defeat any zombies that prevent your escape from the hell.

9. Dead Rising

Dead Rising is exactly what the zombie game fans like and want to experience. It is a bold survival game and in which players got stuck in a shopping mall, where has thousands of zombies around – quite similar to the movie Dawn of the Dead. In the game, the players must overcome all the challenges of the game such as mix the weapons, chop down the zombies, fight bosses, etc … if they want to survive. With the beautiful graphics and interesting storyline, Dead Rising deserves is one of the best zombie games in the world.

10. Dead Island

Dead Island is also an interesting zombie game that you shouldn’t ignore. With the scene sets in a pandemic resort – where has thousands of bloodthirsty zombies, players will have to find the way to survive. This game is focused on the fighting scenes, so it is easy to understand that it provides the players with a variety of weapons, zombies with a variety of shapes, sizes … not to make players feel boring.

I have just told you about the 10 best zombie games you shouldn’t ignore. Now, it is the time for you to experience them your-self. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!