Super Smash Bros – 20th Anniversary of the legendary monument in the gaming industry

Through the long history of creating and developing, Super Smash Bros has achieved the popularity it deserved. Super Smash Bros had been a trending game across the globe from the late 1900s to the early 2000s. Follow the success of the original Super Smash Bro, the later versions have been releasing since then. In this article, let us help you travel back in time to remind yourself of how amazing Super Smash Bros has been. Check it out!

The first version

Back in 1999, the first version of Super Smash Bros was released in North America. The game was a fortune to Nintendo, its developer. The birth of Super Smash Bros also led to the explosion of the million-dollar franchise under the same name.

Impressive gameplay

Super Smash Bros features the battles among the legendary fighters. The battles are held in specified stages with well-arranged objects and barriers – the special dish of Nintendo. The player will seek to knock his opponent off the stage and claim himself the winner of the battle. Super Smash Bros has won the player’s heart with the thrilling battles that are unpredictable. No one knows how far would one battle last and how many percentages of victory is right in his hand.

Awesome characters

Talking about the success of Super Smash Bros, we can never ignore the contribution of the huge set of characters that are taken from various franchises of Nintendo. The original Super Smash Bros also marks the first time various characters from multiple game series join the same game and battle against each other. The fact that the appearance of the already-famous characters leveled up the value of Super Smash Bros is undeniable.

Some of the most popular characters that brought fortune to Super Smash Bros was Kirby (from the franchise “Kirby”), Pikachu (from “Pokémon”), Mario and Luigi (from “Super Mario”). Despite the fact that the original Super Smash Bros only contains 12 characters, the game was still able to draw attention from a vast number of players around the world. In the later versions of Super Smash Bros, we have more and more playable characters from the various franchises. The meeting of the popular game characters makes Super Smash Bros look interesting to any gamer. For example, if you are a fan of any franchise that has its character join the championship of Super Smash Bros, you will demand to try Super Smash Bros at all costs!

Many later versions of the game were released

Following up on the footstep of the original Super Smash Bros, many later versions of the game were released. The latest version of the game was released in 2018 with the addition of unbelievable elements. The player now can join the matches that involve up to eight players. It is easier now for the characters to launch the air and release incredible powers. Some critics even claimed that Super Smash Bros 2018 is the best version of the entire series.

In the future, there will be more and more versions of Super Smash Bros be released. On the occasion of celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Super Smash Bros, we hope that Nintendo will continue to develop this series to expand its impact in the game community. Let’s see!

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