Fortnite releases the new Jetpacks which lets gamers fly and shoot at the same time

Fortnite has recently been updated to version 4.2, and with it, a lot of new and interesting features have been added for gamers to enjoy, from the new Limited Time mode to the awesome new weapons and items.

In this latest update, Fortnite has made adjustments to the item drop rates in the Limited Time mode Solid Gold v2. The update also introduces a new Limited Time mode called Close Encounters as well as the new jetpack item which lets players fly in the air.

1. Limited Time Mode Solid Gold v2

Fortnite releases the new Jetpack which lets gamers fly and shoot at the same time. Now, players will have a higher chance of finding the Hand Cannons and Suppressed Pistols on Floor Drops; Assault Rifles, Miniguns, and Sniper Rifles will most often appear in Chests; and Rockets and Grenade Launchers have the highest chance of appearing in Supply Drops.

In addition to adjusting the weapon drop rates, Epic has also increased the drop rates of Chug Jugs, Slurp Juices, Shields, Launch Pads and Campfires along with all Special Grenades. In contrast, the drop rates of the Regular Grenades, Spike Traps, and Bandages have been reduced. Players will also receive 50% more stone and metal resources from farming.

As usual, Epic didn’t announce the exact date that Limited Time mode Solid Gold v2 will end, but the of Limited Time modes in Fortnite usually only last about a week.

Specific changes are as follows:

  • All weapon drops are now legendary weapons!
  • Floor Drops: Has a high chance of dropping Hand Cannons and Suppressed Pistols, a low chance of dropping Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles.
  • Chests: Has a high chance of dropping Assault Rifles, Miniguns and Sniper Rifles, a low chance of dropping Heavy Shotguns and Rockets / Grenade Launchers. No Pistol drops.
  • Supply Drops: Has a high chance of dropping Rocket / Grenade Launchers, an average chance of dropping Sniper Rifles and a low chance of dropping Heavy Shotguns & Assault Rifles. No Pistol drops.
  • Gives 50% more stone and metal resources from agriculture.
  • Stone Floor Drops increased to 60 for every pickup.
  • Metal Floor Drops increased to 90 for every pickup.
  • Drop rate increased for: Chug Jugs, Slurp Juice, Shields, all Special Grenades, Launch Pad and Campfire.
  • Drop rate reduced for: Grenades, Spike Traps and Bandage.

2. Limited Time Mode Close Encounters

A new Limited Time mode will appear on May 25th in Fortnite: Battle Royale called Close Encounters mode, which is a new mode that revolves around “melee combat” style gameplay. Players will use jetpacks and the only weapon type allowed being the shotguns to battle against each other. In addition, the storm will move around quicker than usual in Close Encounters mode, and each match will usually last around 15 minutes.

The specifics are as follows:

  • Fight against each other using Shotguns & Jetpacks!
  • The only guns allowed in this mode are the different types of Shotguns.
  • Jetpacks & Heavy Shotguns you can get from Chests & Supply Drops.
  • Other Shotguns can be found as Floor Loot.
  • The storm moves faster than normal from the middle of a match to the end of a match.
  • Each match often lasts about 15 minutes.
  • Stats will be enabled in this mode.

3. Jetpack

A new item is introduced in this mode which will let you fly high into the sky: the Jetpacks. The Jetpacks are part of an entirely new kind of item that is being introduced into Battle Royale which is called Backpacks. Do not confuse Backpacks with Back Blings as Backpacks can’t be bought as cosmetics but are instead gameplay items. Like a weapon or any other consumable items, the backpack takes up a slot in the inventory, and will give many benefits depending on the player’s tactics.

For more information, see the information below:

  • Rarity: Legendary.
  • Located in Treasure Chests.
  • The Jetpack is the first item of the new Backpack item type.
  • Backpacks will occupy an inventory slot (same as weapons and consumables) and can be moved to different slots.
  • You can only carry one backpack at a time. If you choose another backpack, it will automatically switch with the current one.
  • When the backpack is used up entirely, it will automatically be destroyed.
  • While a Backpack is equipped, your Back Bling will be hidden. The Back Bling will reappear after the backpack is unequipped.
  • The Jetpack helps you move in the air, giving players additional mobility.
  • Its usage time is limited so the player must recharge it every time it runs out to continue using it. The charging occurs whenever the Jetpack is not being used.

In addition, the Save The World mode in this update will feature the appearance of a new Outlander hero: Archaeolo-Jess.