DCOM Zombies – the most interesting film of young people

Have you ever heard about the newest Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) – Zombies? No matter you say yes or no, you still can explore the newest information about this film by reading this post.

As you see, Disney Channel has given us many truly remarkable musical DCOMs for many years. And, in early 2018 – a very interesting DCOM named Zombies has published on 16 February at 8 pm.

Shortly after the movie was released, the film received the admiration of numerous young people around the world because of its vibrant music and full of life characters (even when they are undead).

The movie is a story about Addison (Meg Donnelly) and Zed (Milo Manheim) and their unlike friendship. Addison is a human but Zed just happens to be a zombie. Zed and his friends from Zombie town recently transfer to a human high school; and here, he meets Addison – a beautiful girl and they broke all the rule to fall in love together.

The special feature that made the movie quickly loved by young people are all the songs in the movie. With a vibrant music and the cool dancing, these songs make the viewers love to sing as much as the actors did.

In addition, in this movie, you will explore the strange zombies. Unlike many other zombies that you know before, all the zombies in this movie and human are alike. With this special point, the movie wanted their viewers to understand that being unique is awesome.

I have just told you much about the newest DCOM – Zombies. This is really an interesting and positive movie that you shouldn’t ignore.