Best Torchlight 2 mods

Among hundreds of dungeon crawling loot fests on PC, Torchlight 2 is definitely one of the best. With an active and enthusiastic community, tons of new content with modes from minor mods like little changes to the UI and very big changes like hours of new content are added and so the game is always in balance.

Because of technical limitations, Torchlight 2 can only have up to 10 mods running at the same time. And it is not very difficult to answer the question: “How to mod Torchlight 2?” This is a small mod amount comparing to Fallout and Skyrim, they used to have more than 150 mods working together, satisfied gamers out there who are experts of modding their games. In addition, all of these 10 mods of Torchlight 2 have been tested running at once. Consequently, there are few bugs and not any game crashes, although the result might be different since every gaming rid is various. This is the reason why we are now giving you a list of 6 best Torchlight 2 mods include which can support you to get the most for your buck, choose between our suggestions to decide which mods to download first.

Torchlight 2 Essentials

This mod is all about enhancing your Torchlight 2 experience and this helps much. In 6 best Torchlight 2 mods, Torchlight 2 essential is the one that makes the game a whole new thing to enjoy. The modpack is a list of vital mods. Because of their essence, the pack’s mod is all heavy in content with things like new pets, new dungeons and classes.

Almost these mods give great quality-of-life mods. For example, the Respec/Restat potion allows you to reset the character’s stats by buying an in-game item; Or the Minimalist Loot Borders point out how to unclutter the screen to have a better sight. The rest of these mods are a lot more considerable and create easy to see changes to gameplay. Do you think that “How to mod Torchlight 2” is easy?


Among the 6 best Torchlight 2 mods, BAGMOD helps to fix the states of running out of bag space. This mod adds tabs for the organization of your inventory so it increases the size of your stash, inventory and shared stash. You obviously have to consider that this mod really understands the importance and pleasure of loot, selling loot and collect better and better loot. Now with BAGMOD, you have three pages of inventory space, you are free from managing and arranging your loot and have more time for other activities in the game.

StarterPets Extended

The StarterPets Extended is a mod about pets. It brings the option of having awesome pets like Warbeasts or Dragons besides ferrets to gamers. You may say this is nothing different than cheating when you can start the game with great end-game pet buff. However, who can struggle against having a flying Dragon from the very beginning of the game? In this list of best Torchlight 2 mods, you should try this at least one time.

Ultimate Boss Chests

In Torchlight 2, not all the loot from the bosses are valuable. Sometimes, after the ending stage when the bosses have already been knocked out, you are just getting mad of disappointment because the chests they were guarding, there is nothing interesting or pricey, or useful there. So, the Ultimate Boss Chests mod totally improve the rewards of beating bosses. As a result, when a specific strong boss is beaten, you are hoping to expect swimming in a mountain of loot.  This is true, this mod essentially boosts all the loot you receive from killing a boss. This can be understood as cheating, but think about you are playing with the difficult mod at the highest levels, this kind of mod deserves your notice, right?

The Endless Dungeon

This mod offers you the longest 26-floor dungeon. Anytime you enter the dungeon, the arrangement of those 26 floors is various. Yes, the title of the mod is “Endless Dungeon”, right? So it is exactly that. In addition, the enemies begin at your level and come to be stronger as you go farther. Now we move to the next topic, Torchlight 2 berserker skills.

Awesome Classes

If you are tired of playing the 4 original classes of the Torchlight 2, then we suggest the Awesome Classes mod. This mode gives the options of seven very special and unusual classes. These classes have unique abilities and skill trees. The seven classes in the Awesome Classes mod all use weapons ready in the game. However, if you want to have a better weapon customization, then run together Synergies and Torchlight 2 Essential mods. You can find some interesting classes here, such as Dragon Prince or Dread Pirate.  The Dragon Prince is a mixture of tough berserkers which brings you Torchlight 2 berserker skills, mages, and necromancers. The Dread Pirate concentrate on using guns and swords.