Torchlight 2 Berserker Build Guides

When you are a berserker, in most cases being more angrier is a good thing. Are you trying your best on the decision of building a stronger Torchlight 2 berserker? Then you are in the right place. In this article, we will give you a brief Torchlight 2 berserker build guides. In case you combine this guide with the class guide, the effects will be doubled.

A note on respecs

By default, you are only allowed to respec the last three skill points in Torchlight 2. As a result, you need to understand that the builds we are going to instruct you are not possible to use. However, if you would like to redistribute all of your skill points freely whenever you want, this game gives you a way to do that. What you have to do is just follow some small steps. Please note that after the steps are done, you will carry a visible cheater flag with your name in the multiplayer mode and you may have some tiny trouble will several people. Anyway, this is not a big problem.

Access Torchlight 2 save folder (/Runic Games/Torchlight 2/save), open the file setting.txt, move to the line “CONSOLE :0” and change it to “CONSOLE :1”

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Save the file, load up a character, then enter the INSERT button to raise the console. Then input the text “ITEMRespecPotion”. It will display at your feet afterward. Drink the Potion to refund all spent skill points. This is beneficial because it allows you to select your beginning attack skill on a new character, so you do not have to work with the default skill.

Now let’s move to the guide.

Torchlight 2 berserker build for the Dire Woft character

Gear choice for Torchlight 2 berserker build: Our first advice for you is to concentrate on single-target damage, and together with it, to be able to hit Frenzy and become a human lawnmower fast, spend your time building charge. Also, keep an eye on the speed of attack with bonus Dual Wield physical harm. This build is perfect for these factors besides pure armor and opposition because of fragility.

Stat points for Torchlight 2 berserker build: Dexterity and strength must be taken the priority. At least two of the five points need to be put at each level up. The rest the points, you can rotate them between your other stats. Vitality is certainly significant, too, unless you would like to be dropping a chance of luck on healthy and strong again. Another element you should take care of is Focus. It will come in handy since it grows your execute opportunity while dual wielding.

Without gear, when your Strength and Dexterity points gets close to or over 50 points, you are now able to begin to distribute a couple of points from them into other stats.

Torchlight 2 berserker build from level 1 to level 25

In the beginning, you would like to concentrate on everything you have on your passives. Keep maximized of Blood Hunger, Frenzy Mastery, and Executioner. These three things make a very good synergy of allowing your Frenzy mode to last longer, and at the same time, they grant you important lifesteal. Getting those passives maxed, fighting with any boss will be the easier experience – most of his damage is decreased.

Otherwise, you can select put the points in Stormclaw and Wolf Strike. Then you will be given some multi-target damage skills together with mobility. For some encounters with certain bosses, mobility is extremely useful.

Torchlight 2 berserker build from level 26 to level 50

Your top priority for these level should be Battle Rage right after it unlocks. With Stormclaw, Wolf Strike and Battle Rage maxed, move to Shred Armor and Rampage. At reaching to level 42, Ravage is available so it is time to get it to Tier 1. At last, return to make Battle Rage your very first active skill.

Berserker build from level 51 to level 100

Continue to maximize things we mentioned above. Anytime you have free points, put them into Cold Steel Mastery. Then you are able for pure DPS boosts. At these levels, it is best if you can save some points for the useful Rage Retaliation.

So these are all that we can guide you for Torchlight 2 berserker build. Enjoy the game.