Rescue the world in Call of the Mini Zombies 2

Similar to its predecessor, the story of Call of the Mini Zombies 2 is rather superficial and have the similar motif to the other zombie games. The story of the game is also a zombie epidemic blasts and turns billions of people into bloodthirsty zombies; and the player’s mission is to play as the hero who fights them and saves the world. To do that, the savior will have to constantly deal with the overwhelming zombie waves, try to earn money as much as possible to unlock and upgrade the weapons, and overcome all the difficult tasks.

The Call of Mini Zombies 2 is a third-person shooter, so its control system is similar to other IOS games that also own virtual control on the screen. Besides that, there is a problem with this game is that the players have to shoot and move at the same time, which makes them a bit difficulty. However, with a little training time, the players can overcome this difficulty. Moreover, with a good graphics, the players also don’t pay their attention in this unworthy defect.

Call of Mini Zombies 2 is a hit and run game so, its tactics is almost none. You just have to pick up your weapons, clean up the disgusting zombies, and protect the NPCs in certain levels.

The difficulty of the game will increase in each task, the zombies will appear more, stronger, and of course, the players will be easier to die in these tasks. To deal with these, you need to collect as many coins as possible to upgrade or buy new weapons to defeat these “hard to eat” monsters.

The game has a currency system which consists of two types are gold and vouchers. Both of them can be used to upgrade or unlock the weapons and the new characters. Besides that, there is another currency which is very rare in the game but rife on the IAP – that is gems. And the players can use it to exchange for gold and vouchers instead of picking up every coin. For a non-free game like Call of Mini Zombies 2, this is really a “bloodsucking” action of the publisher with the players.

Although Call of Mini Zombies 2 is a quite interesting game, it still has some pity. First of all, there are many zombies, bosses, and environments that appear many times in the game. Moreover, except killing zombies, there is nothing to explore in the rest of the game’s map; which reduces the game’s replay value although the upcoming update promises to bring Co-op and multiplayer modes.

If you are a player who loves killing the zombie and doesn’t want to use your brain when playing the game, Call of Mini Zombies 2 is the best game for you. This game is available for sale on iTunes and its price is 3,99$.